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ایامیٰ: مساوات اور بیانیہ

  • Muhammad Naeem/
  • August 21, 2016
Āyāma: Emancipation and Narrative

Nazir Ahmad, often considered to be the first Urdu novelist, used narratives for understanding the quickly changing world around him, and in his work, shaped expanding possibilities and new roles for Muslim ashrāf women. Although he is usually thought of as a cleric who had a traditional approach towards society and new forms of knowledge,  in this article, through an analysis of one of his novels, it is argued that he opened new ways for Indian Muslim women.



Muhammad Naeem

Associate Professor

Institute of Urdu Language & Literature, University of the Punjab, Lahore



Type: Article
Volume: 7
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 5f95fa00cad52
Pages 411 - 422
Published August 21, 2016


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