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بنیاد (مجّلہ دراساتِ اردو)

Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature
ISSN (print): 2225-6083
ISSN (online): 2709-9687

Guidelines for Authors

Note: Sending content for publication implies that the author assigns copyright to Bunyād including the right to electronic publishing. The author(s) can use the content in other publications acknowledging Bunyād as the original place of publication. Third-party requests for permission to use the content should be directed to the Editor.

Bunyād is jointly funded by Gurmani Centre for Languages and Literature (GCLL) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. There are no fees or charges for manuscript processing and/or publishing materials in the Bunyād.

1. The article must be unpublished.

2. The article must be typed in Microsoft Word, 14pt font size and must be submitted as soft copy only.

3. The following details must be present on the first page of the article:

·       The author’s complete name

·       Date of birth

·       Occupation

·       Name of organization with which he/she is affiliated

·       Mailing address

·       Home/office phone number

·       Mobile number

·       Email address

·       A statement declaring that the article is unpublished, signed by the author.

4. Each article must be accompanied by an abstract/synopsis (BOTH IN URDU AND ENGLISH) of not more than 200 and not less than 100 words. Please be sure to underline those words in the abstract which can be used as keywords for the article’s internet search. At least 5 such words must be underlined; for instance, if the article is about South Asian Literature, then these words must be present and underlined in the abstract. If a renowned personality or genre is being mentioned, the name must be underlined. Similarly, if the article falls under a certain category—Feminist Literature, or Colonial Literature— these, too, must be underlined.

5. When using names of people in the article, their dates of birth and death must be mentioned in brackets only the first time the name appears. If an emperor or ruler is being discussed, his dates of rule must be mentioned similarly within brackets. In the case of a book, its date of publishing must be mentioned.

6. If names of people or texts are in languages other than Urdu, their names must be transliterated in brackets alongside. Similar rules must be followed for dates as mentioned in (5).