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مذہب اور سائنسی فکر کی تشکیل جدید

  • Basit Bilal Koshul/
  • Asim Raza/
  • September 11, 2019
Religion, Science, Metaphysics, Existence of God, Reconstruction of Religious Thought, Iqbal, Islam.

Pakistan-based sociologist of religion and a philosopher of science, Basit Bilal Koshul argues that Muhammad Iqbal’s Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam can be reread as a reconstruction of scientific thought, where Iqbal specifically uses religion as a key factor to reconstruct modern scientific thought. This work intends to introduce students of Urdu and Iqbaliyat with this new reading of Muhammad Iqbal as put forward by Koshul in his article published in 2008. Therefore, an annotated translation of one particular section titled “Religion and Reconstruction of Scientific Thought” is done as a first step in order to explore the depths of this insightful reading.




Basit Bilal Koshul


School of Humanities and Social Sciences, LUMS.


  • basitb@lums.edu.pk

Asim Raza

Senior Lecturer

Faculty of IT, University of Central Punjab, Lahore.



Type: Article
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Language: Urdu
Id: 5f96e879428a6
Pages 317 - 334
Published September 11, 2019


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